Friday, 7 November 2008




Music was repetative.
Good camera footage. (Point of view, shakey)
Animatic and final piece simular.
Fear of the unknown.
Stalker thriller.
Not a variation of clips, all long footage.


feedback r1-13

CLose up shots of the camera gives to the audience sense of mystery. Music was in the beat with the flash light of camera, which was pretty effective at creating a horror style tension. although we do think that it was to long for an opening sequence.

R1 17 comments

We thought that the overall final opening was very long and repetitive, it got a bit tiring to watch, and we found ourselves getting easily distracted. The camerawork was rather shakey, but on the other hand this may be what you wanted due to the fact a stalker doesn't stay still(?)
The editing was really good, the fact you used two shots overlapping one another worked well and the sped up clock gave the impression of 'obsession' and 'perfection'.
The music was inconsistent and sounded looped however the choice of instruments and sounds went well with the finished piece.

R1 17


The group had a good range of thriller generic conventions. The sub genre for this group was stalker. the editing made the film run through smoothly, they also made the film black and white which was very effective. The group used a point of view shot to great effect, the camerawork from behind the victim whilst following her was very unsteady. The background to the credits was blood dropping in to water, this built up suspense. The music had a bass-line throughout which also built up suspense.


Thursday, 23 October 2008


For our soundtrack we want to use strings to emphasize the intensity of the mood.
We will also use a drum beat in the background to act as a heart beat.

We like the soundtrack of this thriller because of the way it gradually builds up, yet it is quite subtle and does not distract the viewer.

Also it is very effective in black and white, which influenced our own work.

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we had an idea to make the whole of our footage in black and white to create a more thrilling atmosphere. initially we wanted to have lisa wearing a red coat to make her stand out more but we didn't in the end.
we got the idea from this student film:

we really liked the use of black and white in this film, and because our footage was filmed in daylight, the darker tones made the thriller sequence more effective.